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Where do we work

Where we at PKR carry out our expert services

Where PKR work

Expert Support

Nothing is too big or too small or too far away.

Our expertise is available to support governments, other public sector bodies, industry, trade associations and academia. We can cover issues related to the UK, EU, NATO, US or specific local issues. Nothing is too big or too small or too far away.

We can also provide speakers for conferences, workshops, and moderators and provide comment for press, TV or other media outlets.

In Europe

Brussels Made Easy

Experts in EU affairs, Horizon 2020, research funding, help for business and the Preparatory Action.

Around the World

International Cooperation

Understanding of MIL-CIV, MIL-MIL, IO-MIL, GOV to GOV and industry working to support military operations. Experts in EU CSDP operations and support to NATO operations worldwide.

At Home

Support Where It’s Needed

Support to International Defence Engagement Strategies.  Using all the levers of the Comprehensive Approach.