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What we do

PKR Solutions is a consultancy driven by the determination to achieve outstanding cooperation between governments, industry, institutions and employees.


We understand the demands of today and tomorrow.

We can provide independent guidance and support to create or update strategies to meet the challenges of today’s defence and security environments. We recognise the demands placed on governments to meet their military capability requirements, often planning against an unidentifiable enemy and national security concerns. The role of a country’s defence force continues to evolve into an uncertain future.

Our experts can also help companies to develop their strategies to access key markets.

Supply and Support Services

We can steer business, big or small

Our breadth of experience in Europe means we can identify opportunities for industry to bid for public sector contracts. We are uniquely placed to bring together new partnerships to meet evolving requirements. We can build positive relationships with Brussels, with governments and with traditional defence prime contractors.

We will steer business big and small in their relationship with the European Commission whose enduring commitment to defence and security is clear.

Research and Technology

We can aid access to funding

We can provide support in accessing European Research and Technology funding and maximising the opportunities presented by the European Defence Action Plan (EDAP).

Our understanding and knowledge of this area means we can provide guidance and support that is pertinent and relevant to customers from all sectors.


Accessing both public sector and international opportunities

Partnerships are the way to access public sector contracts and wider international opportunities. We can facilitate new partnerships and help with the development of new ways of working across all the sectors, not only between government and industry, but also with the Research and Technology sector, academia and think tanks.

An ongoing support programme can be provided to partnerships to ensure maximum advantage and success is achieved through cooperation.

Blue Skies

Guidance to Academia

We can offer guidance for academia on how their role might develop in the defence and security sector.

We are able to identify opportunities for them and work with them to realise these funding and work streams.